Kasese Man Slits His Wrist After Being Mocked by Wife’s Adulterous Lover

One man, Muhindo, of Kisinga subcounty is reported to have slit his wrists yesterday after a man claiming to be his wife’s lover walked over to his place of business and mocked him. The man, reported said to Muhindo, “thank you for looking after the children I have had with your wife over the years.”

In a resultant fit of rage, Muhindo, who sells roasted meat by a roadside and therefore had a knife on hand slit his wrist which led his mocker to flee the scene. Muhindo was taken to a nearby clinic were his wrist was bandaged. He is currently still admitted at the clinic.

This report was sent to News-Hapa by Taddeo Sentamu, a resident of Buhuhira sub-county in the same district.

- July 4, 2013
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