LCs Disappointing Residents

“In my village, local councils are taking no serious action against animals which are destroying our crops,” Ajuma Stanley, a farmer from Terego – Arua tells News Hapa. This time round, the culprits are not national park animals, but domestic animals belonging to neighboring farms. According to Stanley, some farmers are careless and do not leash their animals, leaving them to roam into neighboring farms and eat crops. “We have regular meetings with our LCs where we air our grievances. This is one of those issues that we have been talking about for some time now and nothing is being done,” Stanley says. He tells News Hapa that it was agreed to fine anyone whose animals were found destroying another farmer’s crops. Farmers even collected some money to buy ropes to restrain the animals, “but the LCs kept the money. We haven’t seen anything from them. Even the fines have not changed a thing,” says the frustrated farmer.

This is not the first complaint we have received about LCs who are not meeting their people’s expectations. These two messages, also from Arua, carried similar concerns: “LCs in Arua run after the money and they do not know their work.” “The useless LC3 of Aiivu sub county Arua District has failed to regulate disco operations leading to criminal behaviors to shoot up.” And at the beginning of September, we ran a story ( about the LC III chairman of Kei sub-county in Yumbe district, Mr. Mawezo Talibu, who sold a motorcycle meant to carry out council duties at 5.5 million Uganda Shillings.

- Sept. 16, 2013
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