Children Perish in Kasese Landslide

Three female siblings lost their lives on Wednesday when their home was swept by a landslide in Mahango sub-county of Kasese district. According to a resident of Kyarumba sub-county in Kasese who identified himself as Gabriel, the landslide was caused by heavy rainfall which poured in the area all through the previous night into the morning. At about 8 am, mud began rolling from the hillside at the bottom of which the children’s home stood. Their parents were away at the time. It being a semipermanent mud and wattle house, the girls stood no chance against the heavy earth that completely buried them.

Although Gabriel could not confirm the identity of the parents, he informs us that they did not have any other children and were therefore rendered childless by this unfortunate incident. Efforts to retrieve the bodies took hours with residents digging through the mud using regular hand hoes.

This is not the first time lives have been lost in landslides in this very sub-county. A similar incident claimed the lives of five children in 2011 and two separate incidents ended with four dead within one night in 2012.

Such landslides are attributed to poor cultivation methods by people who live on hill and mountain slopes, hence their frequency in hilly areas like Kasese, home of the Rwenzori Mountains. The lack of deep-rooted vegetation on steep slopes weakens the soil and causes it to come apart when hit by heavy rainfall.

- Sept. 27, 2013
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