Arua: Residents Spend Night at Trading Center After Rains Sweep Away Bridges

In yet another testimony to the bad state of transport infrastructure in this country, residents of Ajia sub county in Arua district were stranded on Tuesday 24th September after heavy rains caused the streams in that area to burst their banks. Arionzi Felix says many of the residents who had crossed these streams to access Ajia market were unable to make their way back home, as bridges were swept away. According to him, the residents who were forced to spend the night in at the trading center found themselves buying nearly all the alcoholic drinks available just to withstand the night. On Wednesday morning, the situation was more manageable and they made their way back to their homes. Students were however severely affected by the situation as their attendance was, in Arionzi’s words, miserable although some schools were open.

- Sept. 27, 2013
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