Livestock Thefts Continue to be a Problem in Kapchorwa

Cheptoek Samuel from Tabagon village in Kitowoi subcounty and Chemutai Sam from Kaseko village in Benet subcounty were last week apprehended by Rasak Kusuro, the LCI Chairperson for Kapteret trading center. This occurred after the two were caught with 3 goats. Asked to show permits allowing them to move the animals, the duo produced a document which on close inspection by the LC I chairman proved fake. Kusuro arrested the two, escalated the case to the LC III chairman of Kapteret subcounty and the police was called in to arrest the men. Investigations revealed that the 3 goats belonged to a Cherotwo Mutunwo from Kapchesombe subcounty into whose livestock shelter the two thieves broke at midnight.

According to Musobo Michael, who sent in this report, stealing of livestock in this area has been an increasing problem. Indeed, in this early August report ( to News-Hapa, Musobo reported the recovery of five stolen cattle after the owner who had suffered many such thefts before took the usual step of buying radio airtime to announce the loss. Fortunately though, he reports that the police have now begun investigating these matters seriously.

- Oct. 1, 2013
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