Adultery Leads To Murder of a Cop, Maiming Of a Husband

An unidentified woman has cut off her husband’s private parts, reports Tadeo Sentamu from Kasese. The woman blamed her extreme action on her husband’s infidelity and neglect of his familial responsibility. “He wakes up early in the morning and heads straight for the trading center to drink with other women,” Sentamu reports. The woman has been frustrated with her husband’s behavior for a long time. “When the wife asks for money for school fees, he says he has none.” The couple, neither of whom is employed, has five children together. The woman’s frustrations came to a head on the night of 25thSeptember and she carried out her plan to severely punish her husband for his misdeeds. Neighbors responded to cries of agony in the night and rushed to rescue the unfortunate man from his wife. He is now admitted at Kaghando Hospital.

Just five days before this incident, a 25 year old Gulu policeman was killed by a resident of Layibi Division after he was caught in the act with the man’s wife. Ola Peter informs News-Hapa that the unidentified man had been complaining for a long time about the policeman having an affair with his wife. On that fateful night, he came back from an outing to find the two with their pants down in his house. “He told the policeman that now that he had gotten him red handed, he wouldn’t give him a chance to escape,” Ola says. Using a pestle, the man beat his wife’s lover to death.

- Oct. 1, 2013
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