Ministry Circumcises Men in Rubirizi but First Lady Scoffs Same Practice while in Lira

At least 15 men have shown up for and got circumcision at Katerera health centre in Rubirizi since Monday 1st July 2013 when the ministry of health sponsored drive started. Onesmus Tumuhimbise, a News-Hapa contributor reports that the circumcision drive offers the service free of charge to all and also provides free transport for those circumcised.

In stark contrast to this ministry of health drive however, the First Lady of Uganda who is also a cabinet member is reported to have condemned male circumcision while speaking to an estimated 2000 locals in Lira town. John Patrick Olara, a News-Hapa contributor from the area quotes Mrs Museveni as having said that the practice encourages youth to have unprotected sex under the impression that it provides a “permanent condom.” She is also reported to have expressed sorrow about men who entrust condoms with their lives.

Mixed messages from government to the populace on recommended policies and practices are common especially in the area of reproductive health. For example; in the early to mid 2000s, while certain sections of government promoted family planning/contraception, the president was often quoted as encouraging the populace to reproduce because Uganda would benefit from a large population just like China and India are believed to have

- July 4, 2013
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