Otuke: Man and Two Children Killed, Land Dispute Cited as Motivation

A man and his two daughters were found dead by a roadside in Okwang, Otuke district. The man, Omara Tom, his wife Apio Christine and their four children left their home early in the morning and went to work their rice farm. At some point during the day, Omara and two of his children left his wife and the other two children in the farm and headed home to dry some harvested rice. That’s the last the trio was seen alive.

Later in the day when Apio’s returned home, she found the door locked. There was no sign that anyone had been home since the whole family left in the morning. Residents mounted a search, and the bodies of Omara and his two daughters Ajok and Adong were discovered, seemingly beaten to death.

The police in the area are now carrying out investigations into the murders. Olara John Patrick, who sent in this report, however says that a land dispute is suspected to be the root cause of the murders.

- Oct. 11, 2013
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