Kole: Rotting Body Abandoned In Hospital Ward

Three days ago when a group of legislators visited Mulago hospital, when were shocked by the state of the referral hospital’s mortuary. Reportedly, the facility has only one working fridge. Well, the fish may rot from the head but apparently it stinks even worse further down! Aboke Health Centre IV in Kole district does not have a mortuary at all!

As a result, this week, inpatients at the centre were forced to flee it because an unclaimed body had been left within for days and was stinking to the high heavens. John Patrick Olara who sent the report to News-Hapa says that the body was identified as that of one Acobi Richard, a resident of Omolo-Adyang parish in Bala subcounty. Prior to death, Acobi had been beaten by a mob on the acussation that he had serially raped women including his mother, sister, daughter and wife. Acobi had been rescued by police and taken to Kole central police station. However, even at the police station, the inmates descended on him and severely beat him up, claiming that he had tried to rape them too. Police once again rescued him and delivered him to Aboke health center IV where he was admitted where he died four days later on October 4th.

“His body still lies in the ward,” said Olara, 3 days after Acobi’s passing. Residents suspect that his family has shunned his body because of the many allegations that preceded his death.

- Oct. 11, 2013
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