Independence Day Mayhem

Uganda celebrated 51 years of independence from British colonial rule on 9th October with an event in Rukungiri. However, while most of the country celebrated, a number of people found themselves in unfortunate situations. A 15 year old boy from Arua was the victim of a severe beating meted on him by unknown assailants. Arionzi Felix reports that the boy was at a nightclub in Arivu subcounty when he was beaten. He recorded a statement at Ajia police station before being taken to Kuluva Hospital for medical attention. The police are currently looking for the suspects.

A confrontation between a man and his wife in Oluko subcounty ended in a fight on independence night, when he found her in a disco. The man, who had gone out to celebrate, was surprised to find his wife also enjoying her night in the same joint, yet he had left her at home. The ensuing quarrel quickly degenerated into a physical fight that started in the bar and ended at the couple’s home. The man was reported to be less than impressed by his wife’s antics, saying that her attire was also an embarrassment to the family. He proceeded to strip her naked in public. One wonders how this was supposed to ease the embarrassment!

Also in Arua, a woman was found dead in Liya trading center of Adeyi subcounty. Stevin Draku, a resident, tells News Hapa that the death is suspected to have been caused by an overdose of alcohol. The woman is said to have spent the entire night drinking and making merry at a local bar. She is survived by a husband and three children.

On a merrier note, Nebbi held belated Independence Day celebrations on Saturday 12th at Owiny Primary School, which is expected to be one of the best viewing points for the hybrid eclipse due to occur in November.

- Oct. 16, 2013
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