Patients Resorting to Local Herbs in Koboko

Patients of Dranya Health Center IV in Koboko are now resorting to local herbs due to an acute lack of drugs in Dranya. A resident of that area who only identified himself as Bob, informed News Hapa of this predicament. He himself felt the pinch when he went to the health center with a fever and headache. “I was diagnosed with malaria,” he says. However, there were no drugs to be given to him, and he was given a prescription to buy them from a local private clinic. “But there was no money,” he laments. “Luckily, my neighbor had been through the same experience and she gave me some advice.” His neighbor advised him to use a common herb locally known as ‘Kilimdi’. He is still on the herb, and he says it is working, as he is feeling much better now. However, the worry is that should anyone get a more serious illness, will there be any effective herbs at hand to treat them?

- Oct. 16, 2013
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