Kapchorwa: Multiple Cancer Cases Worry Residents

Christine Erieza, a resident of Kapnyikew parish, Kapchorwa district recently lost her long battle with lung cancer. The 86 year old woman who underwent surgery in Kapchorwa Hospital a year ago left behind a daughter who is suffering from breast cancer. The daughter is currently being treated at Kapchorwa Hospital however with no improvement. As if that is not enough, a neighbor to this family was also recently diagnosed with cancer in his leg, and went for treatment in Eldoret, Western Kenya.

Musobo Michael, a resident in the area, tells News Hapa that the community is worried about this disease. Correct information on the causes, treatment options and other cancer related issues appears to be unavailable to these folks. In the abscence of valid information, myths about the disease easily spread and take root. For instance; the community currently believes that Christine Erieza’s neighbour contracted his cancer from her.

- Oct. 22, 2013
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