Cholera Outbreak Feared in Oluko, Arua

More than 10 patients suspected to be suffering from cholera were admitted to Oliko Solidale Health Center III in Arua district in the past three weeks. All have since undergone treatment and been discharged. No deaths have been reported. However, the community continues to fear that cholera, a highly infectious disease, may be breaking out in the area. Health workers are urging the local population to be more vigilant so as to prevent an epidemic and deaths. Cholera is primarily spread though consumption of water or food that has been contaminated by the feces of an infected person.

The patients admitted to the facility all apparently reported after living ill in their communities for a while. This obviously increases the possibility that they may have transmitted the disease. In addition, it made their treatment more difficult. Benard Aliku, a resident of the area, reports that the health workers had a difficult time treating them. “They complained that these people only came for treatment after they had been ill for a while, worsening their condition,” he tells News Hapa.

- Oct. 22, 2013
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