BodaBoda Drivers Stage Peaceful Demo

Bodaboda drivers in Kapchorwa Town Council have staged a peaceful demonstration against the way they are being handled by traffic officers in the area. They marched from their various stages to the Resident District Commissioner's office where they were granted an audience. They said that there are charged unfairly, even when they have not committed any traffic offenses. They also threatened to kill one traffic officer who they claimed was notorious for wrongful arrests and soliciting for bribes. The RDC called in the District Police Commander to listen to the accusations and find a solution to the situation. The DPC did not seem to buy the accusations.

“He warned the bodaboda drivers that they should not think that they will get away with traffic offenses,” says Musobo Michael, a resident. “He said they would be put under monitoring, and anyone caught breaking the law will not be spared.” According to the DPC, this also applies to any officers caught accepting bribes.

The bodaboda drivers resumed work later, albeit with threats that next time their reaction will not be peaceful.

- Oct. 31, 2013
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