Mysterious Death of UWA Officer

A routine patrol of the Rwenzori Mountains by 5 Uganda Wildlife Authority conservation officers went awry last week when one of the officers mysteriously met his demise. Residents were shocked when three panicked conservation officers stormed Kyarumba sub county trading center, loudly calling for help. The tale they had to tell was not an easy one to believe. According to Gabriel, a resident of Kyarumba, the officers claimed to have been attacked by ghosts in the thick of the mountain forest. “They said that they met some strangers and then they were bathed in complete darkness. They couldn't see anything and they were stranded,” Gabriel says. He continues to say that in a few minutes, after the darkness lifted, the officers were shocked to see their colleague lying on the ground. He was dead.

“That is when three of them came to the trading center to get help. One of them stayed with the body in the forest,” says Gabriel. That must have taken bucket loads of courage, considering what they had just witnessed in that very spot!

A group of residents were led into the forest by the officers and they were able to recover the body and take it to hospital for postmortem. Hopefully the results will throw light on the cause of his death, and allay the fears of residents who are reportedly living in fear after the unexplainable incident.

- Oct. 31, 2013
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