Imminent Eclipse Scares Arua Residents

The total solar eclipse due to take place on 3rd November is an event that has caused excitement both globally and nationally, with a good number of tourists expected to flock to the areas best suited for viewing it. However, for some residents of Arua district, one of the places slated to have the best view of totality, it is a cause for them to fear. Bernadette Tiazaru tells News-Hapa that the reason for this is that most of the locals have never experienced an eclipse, and they are afraid of what might happen when it goes dark in the middle of the day. They have also been informed that it is dangerous to look directly at the sun during the eclipse, and that it could cause permanent blindness. “They are afraid for their children, because they might not heed the warnings and if they look at the sun they might go blind,” Tiazaru says. Indeed, safety while viewing the eclipse is paramount, and it is advised to use a pin-hole camera or special goggles to get a look at the magnificent sight.

- Nov. 1, 2013
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