Clan members kill their relative over rape allegations

A father of three was on the 11th of January killed by his own relatives after his wife alleged that he had raped her. Jan Olwata of Alimu A village in Alidi parish, Oyam district met his death following several beatings by his clan members.

Earlier in the week, following a domestic dispute, Olwata’s wife had gone to the parish chief to report that her husband had forced her into intercourse. For unclear reasons, the parish chief referred the matter to the man’s clan members rather than the police or other higher authority. The man went into hiding from his own family but several youthful clan members mounted a manhunt for him. When they came upon him, the youth beat him up as they dragged him to the venue at which the clan ‘court’ was meant to sit. At the court sitting, Olwata was beaten again. The case would have been resolved at this point except that the youths then started agitating for compensation for the time they used to hunt down Olwata. The clan court then allowed them to drag him home where he was meant to give them a goat in compensation for said time. It was on the way home that Olwata collapsed and died.

John Patrick Olara who reported this story to NewsHapa believes that the initial domestic dispute that angered the woman was in fact unrelated to rape. Reportedly, the husband had stopped the woman from cooking and eating the homestead’s food produce on the allegation that when she did cook, she denied one of her stepchildren food.

Police has since arrested two people for the murder while it is still hunting others who are at large. The wife isn’t one of the arrested.

- Jan. 21, 2014
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