Customs Corruption, Education decay and Refugee Influx in Arua

A soldier at the URA customs point at Vurra (Uganda-Congo border) was seen asking for and taking money from truck drivers outside any official payment channels. Susan Adiru who was going through the border point on the same day says that the offending soldier was a mid-aged man standing at the URA gate that day.

Aside from corruption, residents of Arua district are also decrying the decline of the area's once great schools. Ben Asidra from Ongoko subcountry says, "if you come from West Nile, you will see the downfall of our great schools like: Mvara, Ombaci, Koboko, St Charles Lwanga, St Aloysius Nyapea and many others." He explains that the schools enjoyed great performance back in the 1990s when they used to be "frequently visited by ministry of education officials" and at the time, school strikes were unheard of. Relatedly, he also laments educational decays further up. "Also note the recent corruption in UNEB, causing the delay of results. Who is behind these evils in education sector?"

Meanwhile, the same district is struggling with the building influx of refugees settling in the area. Arua is a host to refugees from both South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ezra Mademaga, a local says, "many refugees in Ocea refugees’ settlement camp are very unhygienic. This has caused fears among nearby residents."

To add to the man-made strife, nature itself is coming down hard on the same region. Arionzi Felix from says, "there is heavy rainfall right now in . Hailstone have destroyed crops like cassava."

- Jan. 30, 2014
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