Four Karimojong Raid Kapchorwa, Reap Only a Few Cobs of Maize

Four unidentified Karimojong left Karamoja and crossed atleast one sub-county in Bulambuli district before entering Kapchorwa district. In these districts that neighbour Karamoja, residents live in fear of such incidents because they are motivated by and often result into cattle rustling by the invading Karimojong. However in this case, the marauding raiders came way with little to no loot. Having roamed three whole villages, Kaptanwa, Bongwa and Tirikoy, in the night, the four raiders apparently only managed to eat raw maize in garden of one Dismas Taraba of Bongwa. This story was submitted to News-Hapa by Micheal Musobo, a resident of the Tuban parish in Kapchorwa.

- July 18, 2013
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