Corruption in Electoral Commission Recruitment Exercise

"Office of RETURNING OFFICER OF YUMBE is the most corrupt office in West Nile," charges one Managa from Yumbe Town Council. He names three particular officers in the office who he says have corruptly collected more than six million shillings from applicatants seeking to work for the electoral commission in the coming elections. He elaborates that these three persons will take bribes of no less than UGX50,000 with the false promise that they will secure their victims jobs as parish supervisors and enrolment officers.

He is not the only one blowing the whistle on corruption in EC recruitment. Separately and independently, one Charles from Arua sent this message to News-Hapa, "The public is left unsatisfied with the recruitments done by EC officials in Arua. Other partners should step in for investigations. Issues concerning funds needs 2 be checked."

- Feb. 5, 2014
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