Beer Poured on Streets as Arua people celebrate the transfer of RDC Abiriga

It was all bliss in Arua town when locals learnt of the transfer of their Resident District Commissioner Maj Abiriga Ibrahim in the recent reshuffle by president Museveni. A crowd of jubilant locals took to the streets early last week in celebrations that included pouring crates of beer reports Nzia Richard, a resident of Arua town.

The die-hard NRM politician was transferred to Yumbe district as it’s new RDC but he’s also having difficulties being accepted there following his controversies back in Arua. The Uganda Radio Network reported that Yumbe elders were planning to petition the president against Abiriga’s transfer to their district on accusations that he is tribalistic. They threaten to sideline him if he is not re-transfered. As Arua RDC, Abiriga supported the district’s claim for Ewanga parish in a territorial dispute that was later won by Yumbe. It appears the Yumbe elders still hold this against him.

Back in Arua though, Nzia Richard, explains that Abiriga was unpopular in the district because he blew the NRM party trumpet too loud and too often moreover in a district that isn’t very supportive of the ruling party. He is also accused of sidelining and unfairly criticising other district leaders who belonged to other parties.

Unfazed by any of this, Abiriga reportedly already took office in Yumbe.

- Feb. 21, 2014
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