A stock-out of drugs in Bukedea district stretched over three full months

Like many new districts, Bukedea does not have a district hospital. Instead, it has a facility at health centre IV level to serve its entire population. But residents report that matters are worse than that. “We have been lacking drugs in our health centre for the past three months,” lamented Francis Emuge, a business man from Bukedea. “The health centre had stocked just a few drugs but not everyone accessed them because they were not enough and whoever did not receive treatment was sent to the pharmacies in town yet they also do not have drugs.” explained Francis. During the past three months without drugs, the people of Bukedea were improvising by using herbs. Those that had to use modern medicines sought them beyond the district borders.

Emuge says that locals have repeatedly complained to the DHO(District Health Officer) who forwarded them to the ministry of health. The community only started to see an improvement in drug stocks last week.

The locals however believe that a lasting solution would be for the ministry of health to promote the health centre to district hospital status and therefore equip and staff if appropriately.

- Feb. 28, 2014
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