Health Workers in Yumbe haven’t received salary since December 2013

“Health workers of Yumbe hospital last received their salaries last year in December” Nzia Richard, a clinical officer in Yumbe district charges. “I have seen people in my home area suffer. Parents cannot send their children to school,’’ he adds.

Ordinarily, citizens would turn to selling agriculture produce to raise some money but Yumbe suffered a drought in the last growing season. This has worse the cash crunch from two directions. On the one hand, the yields were poor and so those civil servants who suppliment their incomes with farming don’t have much side income to fall to. On the other hand, the cost of living and in particular buying food stuffs has increased. For example; beans now sell at shs3000 a kilo from shs1000 while Cassava flour, the local staple is now sold at shs1200 per kg from shs800. The price hikes are in part due to the influx of South Sudanese refugees into the area.

It is not clear whether the DHO-Dr. Yayi and the Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Tiwang have pushed the government to do what is required of them. Frustrated Nzia lashes out saying, “actually, the government should come here and explain why they have delayed the salaries!”

- Feb. 28, 2014
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