Wrong Weather Advice from Gov't May Cost Kasese Farmers

News-Hapa contributor, Tadeo Sentamu of Kasese district reports that farmers in the district are fearful that they are going to lose considerable amounts of useful seeds after they followed inaccurate weather predictions from the Uganda Department of Meteorological (UDOM)

UDOM reportedly advised farmers that the rains were to start in late June and prompted those in cold areas to plant their gardens in anticipation. Some farmers in the area indeed went ahead and planted their gardens given that Kasese is a cold place. “But now it is three days [to the end of June] without a drop of rain,” Tadeo exclaims. Farmers who followed the meteorological departments advice are there fearful that they have lost the seeds they planted.

The farmers receive this kind of UDOM meterological advice through the phones of their Community Knowledge Workers who are supported by Grameen Foundation.

- June 27, 2013
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