“Build it or we'll Break it”

“Ever since the year 2003, this bridge has been like this. A number of contracts have been signed but the job is abandoned as soon as it starts.” Charles Odeke in Aligoi village, Nyero sub county reports to News-Hapa. Three other locals sent separate reports to complain about this same incomplete bridge that was meant to connect Nyero and Mukongoro sub-counties in Kumi district . “There’s a swamp below called Okokor which has swallowed a few people who were trying to go across.” one of the three reports.Okia John the area local council 1 chairman affirms the reports adding, “people have to use the longer route which is through Akadot parish in Mukongoro sub county to Ngora and finally Kumi.” Another frustrated local echoes, “I do not know which people are responsible for this because it’s been years since this construction began and yet it’s still not complete!”

In the past, locals have complained to the leaders and the ministry of works but with the ultimately unsatisfactory result that work on the bridge starts and then stalls shortly afterwards. This time they are threatening to break down whatever structures earlier works left unless the ministry acts fast and completes construction of the bridge.

- March 12, 2014
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