Kony’s LRA reportedly drops a letter threatening a come-back in Teso region.

Reportedly, The Lord’s Resistance Army(LRA), dropped a letter in Amuria district about a week ago! “In fact, it’s not a rumour. These rebels dropped a letter in Amuria district, Kapelebyong sub county. They have promised us that they are coming back next month to recruit some energetic boys and steal food.” Allan Angiro, a concerned local of Teso region asserts.

Allan tells News-Hapa that this letter has refreshed painful memories and as a result, some parents have refused to take back their children to school for fear of emergencies in case the attacks really do happen.

The LRA first attacked the Teso region in June 2003 stealing livestock and produce, burning homes and school as well as exacting their trademark murder and abduction of civilians including children. Fortunately, the LRA was beaten out of Teso by a local militia group called the Arrow Boys which formed organically from within the community and later obtained weapons, training and financial support from the UPDF. In 2005, the LRA was forced out of Northern Uganda, the area most terrorised by its insurgency of over 20 years. Attempted peace talks between the group and the Ugandan government failed in 2008. Subsequently, the insurgents moved into the Central African Republic where they have wrecked a number of massacres on local populations. Several thousand African troops, backed by 100 US special forces, are hunting the LRA across the region and the US has put a $5m bounty for information leading to Kony’s arrest. Kony is also wanted by the ICC.

This Amuria letter would be the second letter attributed to Joseph Kony’s group this year. In January, the Daily Monitor reported that Kony had written to Uganda through one Mission Okello, asking for and offering forgiveness for atrocities committed during his insurgency of more than 20 years. He attributed some of them to the UPDF.

- March 15, 2014
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