Kween residents risk death from eating carcasses

Residents of Kween district risk contracting diseases after reports of increased trade in carcasses. Stephen Kiplangat, a nurse in Kween, says many animals of the Pokot die every day from unknown diseases, and the meat is sold to unsuspecting people. The Pokot own large herds of cattle in the region, spreading even into Kenya. The nomads have been sighted in Ngenge and Kirika sub-counties in Kween district. According to residents, the nomads are from Amuria district.

“Some people who have eaten beef from the carcasses have contracted diarrhea,” says Kiplangat. Before selling meat, veterinary officials are supposed to certify the safety of the beef for consumption, something which is not happening with most of the cows that die from the herds of the Pokot.

Kiplangat says health officials have began sensitizing residents of Ngenge and Kirika about the dangers of consuming meat from carcasses. They are also providing medication to those who have fallen sick.

- May 7, 2014
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