Kween local leaders accused of levying fees for ID registration

Residents of Kwosir in Kween district have accused their local leaders of levying fees for the national identity card (ID) registration, yet it is supposed to be free. “They told us to pay sh5,000 for registration. The married were asked to part with sh10,000,” said a resident.

They said the fee has discouraged people from participating in the exercise. “The leaders who are supposed to help the people are the ones fuelling collection of the money.” said Stephen Kiplangat.

On April 16, internal affairs minister Gen. Aronda Nyakairima warned people against selling registration forms. “This exercise is absolutely free and all enrolment centres have enough forms-with more in stock at the National Identity Card Centre. They are not for sale,” Nyakairima said in a statement. He urged citizens to report any anomalies at the centres to 0772-255010, 07722-55011 and 0312-518565.

According to the internal affairs ministry, the national IDs will reduce crime through quick and reliable identification of criminals. Other benefits include proper planning and easy access to social services among others

- May 9, 2014
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