Tractor runs over woman

A mother of seven died on Wednesday after she fell off a bodaboda and a tractor ran over her. John Ochom, an eye witness, said the accident happened at about 2:00pm that day in Ogooma village in Kumi district. The deceased, Sarah Asinai, was in her 30s. Ochom said the passenger fell off when the motorcyclist was overtaking the tractor.

When residents learnt of the accident, they gathered at the scene, with many blaming the tractor driver. However, some blamed the bodaboda cyclist, saying they are never patient to read road signs.

The police was called in before chaos erupted. “They detained the tractor driver and the bodaboda cyclist after recording their statements,” narrated Ochom. The Police said investigations into the death were still ongoing.

The Nyero-Mukongoro road is under repair, after cries from residents about its poor state. Whenever it rained, some sections of the road flooded, making it difficult to travel on it. To access Nyero, one of the main markets in the area, one had to use the Nyero-Mukongoro road.

- May 9, 2014
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