No value for money in NAADS - Kween farmers

Farmers of Kween district are uncomfortable with the high fees being charged by officials of the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) in order to benefit from the programme. Stephen Kiplangat, a resident of Kaproron sub-county, says a beneficiary from a group is required to pay sh317,000 to NAADS in order to get a cow. The NAADS officials say they top up the money with more than sh600,000 and buy a cow value at a million shillings which is then given to the farmers. However, farmers are dubious especially in regards to the size of the cows they receive. “It is so small; it must cost 60000 only not one million,” one beneficiary told NewsHapa.

Farmers from Kwanyiny sub-county say the NAADS officers are also selling the coffee seeds to them at 80,000 shillings. “Among the Market Oriented Farmers’ groups, each person is meant to receive 300 seedlings of Arabica coffee, after paying sh80,000,” Kiplangat says. The farmers are apparently dissatisfied with this requirement too.

The intended beneficiaries of the NAADS services are peasants who find it difficult to raise such sums of money. The NAADS programme was introduced by the government to provide best farming practices, especially to rural farmers, with the view of improving their standards of living.

- May 9, 2014
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