Zombo district civil servants go for three months without pay

Civil servants in Zombo district have gone up to three months without pay. Ben Asidra, a civil servant and a resident of Atyak sub-county, said he has not received his salary since February.

The victims say whenever they lodge complaints with the Chief Administrative Officer, they are directed to the human resource office, where ‘information about them’ is captured. “Either they never enter the data into the system or it is not sent to the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development,” said Asidra.

Some civil servants also accuse the government of changing their salary scales, paying them less than is on the payslip and double taxation. They say some people have had Pay As You Earn tax deducted from their salaries twice in one month.

According to the Office of the Auditor General, in an effort to rid out ghost workers, the Government has been creating new payrolls, where employees would easily be identified by their names, salary scale, departments and their institutions.

Last month, the public service minister, Henry Kajura, said the responsibility of paying salaries had been taken over by the finance ministry, which sends the money directly to the accounting officers of various institutions, a reason he gave for the delay of salaries. The Secretary to the Treasury, Keith Muhakanizi, said he pays the salaries basing on the verified payrolls that accounting officers send.

- May 15, 2014
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