Heavy rains render Kumi feeder roads impassable

The heavy rains in Kanyum sub-county, Kumi district, have not spared the feeder roads. Most of them have become impassable.

“When it rains, vehicles and bicycles get stuck on the road and have to be pushed off, most times at a fee,” said James Okedi, a resident of Kanyum. Most of the vehicles that ply the feeder roads transport produce to the market.

Okedi said when complaints are made to the local leaders, the most they do is to fill some of the potholes with murram-filled sacks. Other times, he narrated, the leaders ask the complainants to meet the costs of the tractor to repair the road.

Kumi County MP Amuriat Oboi’s car recently got stuck and he had to hire people to push it to a drivable section.

Recently, in Kapteret sub-county, Kapchorwa district, when residents were facing a challenge of impassable feeder roads, they built their own road, with the help of free labour from the community. The road, which runs through three villages, is intended to enable farmers transport their produce from the villages to the main market.

- May 15, 2014
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