Ngora local leaders rein in on husbands over domestic violence

Wife battering had reached alarming rates in Kobwin sub-county, Ngora district. As a result, the women in Kobwin petitioned the local leaders to rein in on their husbands.

This week, people expressed joy that the efforts of the clan and local leaders had paid off – no case of domestic violence had reported in Kobwin in two weeks. β€œIn the meetings, leaders of the local council and the clan advised men against alcoholism and urged them to apologise to their wives where they felt they had made mistakes,” says James Okiria, a resident of the sub-county. Okiria said many men spend much of their time in bars, even during working hours. Later on, they return home drunk, and barking at their children and wives.

Many districts have passed by-laws against drinking in bars during working hours. Last year, 21 people were netted in an early morning swoop in Mella sub-county, Tororo district, for drinking early in the morning.

- May 26, 2014
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