Teachers abandon class to submit forms for salary arrears

Teaching in many public schools in Adumi sub-county, Arua district, has declined in the past few weeks because teachers spend more time in queues, to submit forms to get their salary arrears. They are also required to submit forms which will help them get Tax Identification Numbers to enable Uganda Revenue Authority tax their salaries.

In Arua, it is only the district personnel office mandated to receive the forms, causing a heavy workload for the officers. As a result, some teachers spend days in the queues. Residents say sometimes, teachers spend nights in Arua town because their homes are far.

Godfrey Aluma, a resident of Nyiovura parish, says teachers in his village have gone for two months without salary because of anomalies in their account details.

The Government is in the process of decentralising the salary payment system to eradicate ‘ghosts’ from the payroll. As a result, payment of salaries has been shifted from the Ministry of Public Service to that of finance.

- June 10, 2014
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