Man Dies from Gunshot Wounds Inflicted by UWA Game Rangers

On the night of June 19th, game rangers in Murchison Falls Conservation Area in Kiryandongo district, shot at five men, injured one, arrested another and the other 3 reportedly fled the scene. The injured man died this week at Mulago hospital where he had been taken for treatment. The deceased is Wilson Sunday of Masamba village in Kiryandongo. The game rangers reportedly suspected the men to be poachers.

Joseph Oyai, a resident who reported the death to News-Hapa says that the deceased man was armed at the time of the incident. “However, when he fell down, one of his colleagues removed the gun from him and took to his heels,” he says. The Police are currently looking for the three who escaped the scene.

Poachers target this conservation area mostly for elephant tusks. Poaching has been a great concern for the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). Statistics from UWA reveal that more than 100 poachers were arrested in the park while at least 75 were convicted last year. However, conservation areas and the authorities governing them are also constantly in conflict with communities that neighbour game reserves. For lack of adequate land, people attempt to use the game park lands for grazing animals and cultivation of crops.

- July 3, 2014
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