Man Tears Wife's Lip in Domestic Violence

A former UPDF soldier in Kahara, Kiryandongo district, recently beat his wife and her upper lip on the pretext that she was attempting to cheat on him. Prior the fight, noticed that his wife was speaking toon the phone to a another party that he judged to be male. He concluded she was having an intimate conversation and started to hit her. Neighbours intervened but before the fight could end, the woman's upper lip had been split.

In contrast, an actual attempt at impropriety spun an Arua man into a drama he hadn't bargained for. Ben Asidra of Ongok sub-county reports said drama thus: "A woman who used to cheat her spouse through a window went for a funeral on Friday. It happened that cheater came that very night to pet the woman through de window. The man inside caught his hand pulling him into the house." It turned out the the husband thought the other man was a thief and promptly wrestled him to the ground. After a short scuffle the 'thief' managed to flee the house. When the woman of the house was told of the story the following morning, she managed to brush it off without attracting the ire of her husband.

- July 3, 2014
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