Pupil dies, school closed due to dirty water source

A pupil of Tere Hill community in Arua died this week and several others were taken to a nearby health centre with “severe vomiting, dehydration and stomach ache.” Arionzi Felix, a clinical officer at Ajia Health Centre IV where the pupils were treated says that they caught a water borne disease. He explains that the school fetches water from the two nearby streams and gives it to children unboiled. “The two streams we have are Ala and Azzaiza but are very dirty streams!” he says. He also points out that the streams are the main source of water for the whole village.

Administrators of this school in Oomo vilage, Ajia sub-county have since sent the rest of the pupils back home and closed the school premises. Re-opening of the school awaits inspection and clearance from the sub-county’s health department.

- July 15, 2014
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