Motor accidents kill one, hospitalise three in Awindri ward, Arua

In the small ward of Awindri near Arua town, two serious motor accidents occurred in just the past two weeks. One person died and three were hospitalized.

Justice Acidri, a resident of Ogoko sub-county in Arua, says in the first accident recently, a car knocked a bicycle, killing the person who was behind carried on it. The rider was hospitalised with a broken leg.

The second accident according to Acidri, involved a businesswoman who had travelled from Ngora district to sell cassava in Arua. The motorcycle she was riding on lost control and collided with an oncoming car.

The businesswoman and the rider were rushed to Arua Hospital. On learning about the accident, the husband of the businesswoman collapsed. He, too, was taken to Arua Hospital.

- July 21, 2014
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