Amugo health centre in Arua closed over filled up latrines

A health centre IV in Omugo sub-county, Arua district, has been closed indefinitely due to poor sanitation. Omugo Health Centre was closed last week on the orders of the sub-county health inspector, Dennis Obaraba, after its latrines filled up.

Obaraba then ordered the village health teams who had accompanied him in the operation to dismantle the latrines of the only health facility in the sub-county. He promised to reopen the health centre when new latrines have been constructed.

Charles Adiga, a social worker in Omugo, said all patients, including those who were admitted, were told to vacate the wards and seek treatment from health centres in other sub-counties.

Adiga says local leaders are trying to convince Obaraba to open the health centre, so that patients can use a public toilet that was built in the nearby Omugo trading centre a few weeks ago.

Proper water and sanitation facility appears to be a wide spread challenge within Arua district. Just two weeks ago, a primary school in the district after a pupil died and several others were hospitalised with an infection they acquired from drinking water from a dirty stream that the school relies on. The story was reported by News-Hapa here:

- July 21, 2014
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