Kween residents face hunger after long dry spells

The two biggest sub-counties in Kween district are facing hunger after a long dry spell. Stephen Kiplangat reports that Ngenge and Kiriki have not received rainfall for months.

Dry seasons in Uganda are December to February and June to August while people expect rainfall in the months of March to May and November to December.

However, residents say despite March to May being a rainy season, they did not receive as much rain as they used to. They have now resorted to growing drought-resistant crops like maize, sunflower, millet, sorghum and cassava.

Other sub-counties in Kween, especially those on the slopes of Mt. Elgon received more rainfall and are now the district’s food basket. The dry spells have led to an increase of food prices on the market. According to Kiplangat, some residents of Ngenge and Kiriki have opted to buy cheaper food in the neighbouring sub-counties.

- July 25, 2014
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