Zombo man divorces wife, takes back dowry

In a recent family meeting in Zombo district, parents of a couple unanimously agreed to their proposal of separation, saying it would be good for the family. The parents of the woman also returned the dowry - money, cattle and goats - as demanded by the man.

The couple, which had lived together for eight years, called the meeting after Proscovia on several occasions accused her husband, Joseph Mungurek, of adultery, said Robin Lemaku, a neighbour.

Proscovia said Mungurek was cheating on her because he frequented night clubs and always returned home late.

After the separation, Lemaku said Proscovia and her daughter went with her parents while Mungurek stayed with their son in his home in Amor, Zeu sub-county.

In 2010, the Constitutional Court ruled that returning bride price undermines a wife's unique and valuable contributions to a marriage and violates her constitutional right to be an equal partner. In the Marriage and Divorce Bill, bride price is non-refundable.

In June, Butaleja district council passed the Bridal Ordinance Bill, which prohibits the demand for payment of or refund of bride price.

- July 28, 2014
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