Kapchorwa Police Holds Two Girls for 'Being Defiled'

Two girls, one 15 years old and the other 14 are reportedly being held at Kapchorwa police stations following complaint by their parents that they engaged in sexual intercourse with two adult men. Both adult men have in the past been suspected of involvement in gang rape.

According a report to News-Hapa by Micheal Musobo, the girls were yesterday taken the two men identified as Siya Nasif and Siya Abdul to St. Mary’s School Kaptanya and all four persons spent the night in one of the school’s classrooms. The men are at large and police is holding the girls reportedly to help it in apprehending the men but also to appease their parents who wanted them punished for their role in whatever happened in the night. The suspects are also married men and their wives are among the group that wants the girls punished with detention at police.

Musobo reports that the two male suspects were last year apprehended along with a group of 14 others for gang raping women in the area.

- June 26, 2013
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