Re-open Government's Payroll Validation Exercise - Rural Civil Servants

"I am glad for Hapa for taking good care of our voices from especially hard to reach communities of Uganda. I still believe you can help in letting the government, office of the auditor general, ministry of finance and ministry of public service know that it was not the deliberate intention of the civil servants to have missed the recently concluded validation exercise but rather their distance and access to information. I am one of the victims who at least made it to public service Kampala though late on Wednesday, but only to be shocked the following day that the exercise was closed despite the good number of civil servants who turned up that day. I am a clinical officer whose unit is in Terego-Maracha borders far away from Arua town and I used like others 150000/= to travel to Kampala only to get the disappointment and at the end of it all be deleted from the payroll for being a ghost worker yet this would take months of stressing moment to get my name back on let the responsible offices repeat this exercise."

- Sept. 22, 2014
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