Nwoya Family Loses Clothes, Sheep to Father's Hooliganism

In a curious case of two elephants fighting but only managing to harm the grass, a Nwoya suffered a double loss over the weekend when the head of the household burnt their clothes, prompting the community leadership to confiscate his sheep as punishment.

The man returned home Friday evening after a drinking spree and without apparent provocation gathered all articles of clothing that belonged to the family. He set some on fire and threw the rest into a pit latrine. When the village chief heard about this act of hooliganism, he went to the home with a group of local youth who first threatened to beat the man up. They reconsidered their decision and instead decided to walk away the biggest sheep owned by this man (and the family). The sheep, they said, is going to be used in traditional rituals to the gods in atonement and intercession for the man's misdeeds.

- July 15, 2013
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