Unknown Oily Liquid from a NUDEIL Borehole

A newly constructed borehole in pawatomero parish, purongo sub county of Nwoya District is reportedly producing an oily substance which settles on the water about 30 minutes after it has been produced from the borehole. The oily water also reportedly leaves a sweet taste on one’s lips when one drinks it. Collins Opiyo, a resident of the area who submitted this report to News-Hapa says that the subcounty chief and other district officials have visited the borehole to verify resident reports on the anomaly but haven’t advised on what the oily suspense is or how the community should react to it.

The borehole was dug Royal Techno Ltd under NUDEIL, a USAID program that touts itself as a “centerpiece of the United States Government’s efforts to support the transition to peace in northern Uganda … through rehabilitation of public infrastructure.”

- June 25, 2013
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