Drought in Amuru Turns Locals Against Chinese Road Contractor

To the government back in Kampala, a Chinese contractor is doing a good thing – building the most direct road between Uganda and one of its major markets, South Sudan. To the locals in the area of construction, those foreign people must have something to do with the drought that is currently scorching the land.

According to a report by Denis Akena from Amuru, residents of Pawel and other areas along the Gulu – Atiak – Nimule road are starting to accuse CHICO, the Chinese construction company building the road of bewitching the rains since it would slow down their construction work.

Earlier reports to News-Hapa, indicated that the Gulu and Amuru districts have not seen rain since May 16th and this has led to the wilting of crops in the gardens. As a result, farmers are fearing hunger in the coming months.

- June 24, 2013
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