No Rains in Gulu Since May. Farmers Brace for Famine

News-Hapa has received two separate reports from Gulu residents indicating that current drought conditions are going to lead to a scarcity of food in the near future. Kinyera Amos, a resident of Achwa county, reports that Gulu district and areas of Amuru district, (especially Lakang, Pabbo and Bana subcounties) have not seen any rain since May 16th. “The crops are drying. I predict famine soon,” he says.

Oola Peterson of Lakwana subcounty in Gulu confirms this fear in a separate report to News-Hapa. Crops, especially groundnuts and beans, are wilting.” he says. Oola also a farmer explains that the bean crops had started flowering but the scorching sun is dropping the flowers off the plants. “Now you’ll find that the beans grow up without pods. I see serious hunger in the coming months.”

- June 16, 2013
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