Kasese: Two sudden deaths of school children in the space of a month

A school girl named Musoki Eva died suddenly on Friday afternoon after she was rushed out of school to a local clinic complaining of severe headache. Musoki was a senior four candidate at Rugendabara YMCA secondary school in Kitswamba subcounty, Kasese district.

Tadeo Sentamu, reports to News-Hapa that Friday afternoon, Musoki was in class when she started complaining of headache. At about 5:45pm, he was taken to a local clinic but she died there at 7:00pm. Comotion ensued in the school as large groups of students run to the clinic to find out why and how their schoolmate had died. They demanded that Musoki body be taken to a major hospital for postmorterm before being taken for burial. This demand was fueled by the fact that only last month, another candidate, the son of one Mandele Yosamu of Mbata village, Mbata Parish in Bwesumbu subcounty was also buried following a similarly sudden death. The students' pleas were however ignored and Musoki was buried on Satuday at her parents home in Buhuhira village, Buhuhira sub-county.

- July 15, 2013
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