Outbreak of Fowl Typhoid in Kapchorwa

Micheal Musobo of Tuban parish in Kapchorwa, reports to News-Hapa that fowl typhoid has in recent weeks killed many chickens in Mateny, Sowa, Chemutare and Mowet villages in Kululu parish as well as Tirikoy village in Kaplelko parish. Residents of the above villages are collecting money amongst themselves to buy drugs for vaccinations in order to save those which are not yet affected.

News-Hapa has reported this outbreak to the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) via its public phone hotline as well as posting it on the agency's facebook page. Efforts to report it directly to the Kapchorwa NAADS coordinator, Mr Alinyo Francis were futile as he didn't pick up his phone on our several attempts.

- July 22, 2013
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