A short tale of one village belle’s love life

Stories abound of how the rural African man mistreats the rural African woman holding her as a mere possession rather than a being to be loved and adored. One Kasese woman, named Dredah, might beg to be excused from those sorrowful paintings. In her own life, atleast one man has sought and loved her as happens only in the dreams of your regular maiden. News-Hapa brings you a very brief history of this belle’s love life as told by one of our contributor, Sentamu Tadeo, also of resident in the same locality.

Dredah, a beautiful girl, married one Muhindo of then Kyabarungira now Buhuhira subcounty of the 20th of May 1989. “They married in a customary marriage. We enjoyed the wedding. Myself, I was very little – 15 years old,” Sentamu tells News-Hapa.

Four months into the marriage, Muhindo discovered that his bride had got pregnant before their marriage. He set about finding out who was responsible but before he could, Dredah entered a love affair with the man who was bestman at their wedding. The marriage quickly fell apart and Dredah moved in with Kumbe, the bestman. They lived happily together for a good many years, bearing and raising five children together.

Well, just a few years ago, Muhindo started to woo Dredah again. Evidently, he succeeded. Dredah bore Muhindo a baby girl two years ago, left Kumbe and is now living with Muhindo. “[He] has persuaded & he has won his sweet lady!” exclaims Sentamu .

- July 22, 2013
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